Cycling for Sally


Cows along the way from today’s ride

Oacoma to Mitchell SD

Today started out with a relatively late breakfast of 7am rather than 6am (due to time change). We headed off across the Missouri River as it steamed a bit in the chilly morning air. Then there was a gentle climb out of the river valley a few a left turn onto a fun flat to slightly downhill road for a few miles.
I should have known that something was amiss by that point because I was sweating profusely despite being relatively cool and not working that hard.

Then the feet started to get cold which was odd 15 miles into the ride and with the rest of me overheating. On went the toe warmers ( a fabulous invention). Feet warmed up and overall I cooled down. We had a brief rest stop at around 16 miles or so and I decided to ditch the jacket and just keep my vest. I road behind Dave “the wave” for a few miles and was starting get to notice some trouble with keeping up with the passing visual stimuli. The best analogy I van come up with is that the markings on the road and the trees or anything we were passing was like trying to watch a moving train go by. It was making me ‘sea sick or car sick”. I backed off the pace line for a few miles and was doing a bit better. When I rejoined Dave, I just could not tolerate the rapid movement of objects in my visual field that happens when riding close to someone. At this point I though that if I could just see the horizon and look straight ahead I would be fine. My brain had other plans and the vertiginous migraine was underway. Noises were becoming just slightly more noticeable and I had a hint of right eye pressure. Fatigue was setting in but no nausea. Each bump in the road was starting to become annoying. I knew I was done for and that this was going nowhere good. As I tell my patients all the time, “don’t wait to take your medicine for your migraines because otherwise the migraine always wins.” . My medication was not fully available so I made due to with a medley of ibuprofen, compazine, topiramate, prednisone and cocacola. My ride today was just a short 30 miles if a planned 70 but I hope to be back on the road to be back on the road to or row after a nice nap. Holly 2nd having a fabulous day on the bike and I am super proud if her riding like the wind today!! Onward Today marked the official half way point of our trip!!!!

Kadoka to Oacoma SD 114 miles

I dedicated today’s ride to my stepfather, Peter, and his best friend, Doug. Doug passed away this past week and I know that he will be missed by all who loved him. He was Peter’s best friend from childhood and I know that this is a heartbreaking loss.
Today I rode like the wind listening to Elton John’s funeral for a friend and I smiled as I thought of Doug performing the candle joke.
Peter and Doug, this one was for you.

In the spirit of Doug’s irreverent style, I thought he would get a kick out of my picture showing the bananas and the bullets next to each other in the grocery store here in Oacoma. What more could you want from a store…produce and ammunition. I am sure Doug would have made some very funny quip about that.

Kadoka to Oacoma 114 miles.
Yes. Those are bullets next to the bananas

Day 20 rapid city to Kadoka. Through the bad ass badlands. 112 miles

Day 20 Rapid City SD to Kadoka SD

Today was a long ride..112 miles with nearly 4000 feet of climbing. It was spectacular when we went through the badlands national park for 29 of those n miles. What a spectacular place. It wish I had more time to just take in the views. I uploaded some pics separately.
Poor Holly and a bike catastrophe today. Her bike was accidentally crunched by the van and so she has a new one for tomorrow but didn’t have one for the rest of the day.
We are staying at a very a very small motel in a tiny town. Dinner options were limited so we settled on subway. Tomorrow we ride our bikes to a breakfast place .
I am exhausted and tomorrow is another 116 mile day. Ouch

Rest day snow storm. Rapid City SD

Snow in September. Rapid City SD

Rest day. Laundry. Donuts. Lounging

Day 18 Sundance to rapid city

Today was brief. It was 37 and raining and foggy. I rode 10 miles and my feet started to get cold so I called it a day and joined the crew of folks who were not riding that day. We had an intrepid group of riders who made it the entire day and my hat is off to them! It was a group effort to keep folks on the road and lots of gear was shared. I may not have put in the miles today but I was happy to help my friends keep their wheels on the road. Way to go gang!
Tomorrow is a rest day and then this winter storm will blow through and sun will be back for friday. Tonight there is a winter weather advisory with 3-5 inches predicted. I am just glad we don’t have to try and ride again in this weather.
We had a great social hour and dinner tonight at the hotel and Holly’s parents and brother made the trek from Denver to join us!
Hooray for a rest day.